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There are different types of people in your business - owners, managers, staff, even accountants, and to accommodate these we have designed a range of six different security access levels. You can provide your users with the access they require, while being confident that your data is safe!

This picture shows the levels and what each level can do. e.g. a Targets user can only see their own targets while a Limited user can add and edit clients, view the appointment book and see their own targets. 


Note: there must be at least one user per business with Admin access. 


Setting up a new User

You can create staff or you can add a user who is not staff to have access as well. This could be your accountant or your Graphic designer etc. 

Go to the Settings tab on the right hand side and select Staff and baxus users button. 


This will provide a list of users and staff that have been added previously. Whether they are staff or a user will be indicated under Type. In some cases they will have both against their name. This will also show their access level and when they last accessed Baxus. 

To create a staff member or user select the red +Add new button 

Complete the fields in the personal info sheet.

To add access to Baxus

In the bottom half of the personal info sheet you can choose whether to allow access or not. 

We recommend you allow your staff at least Limited access as this will allow them to view their own clients and targets for the day/week. 

Select the options you require. If you are a multi site salon you can enter the locations that are accessible for this person here. 

Select the Save button.

Once you save, an email will be sent to the provided email address.


Deactivate staff.

You can deactivate staff by selecting the staff member and select the Deactivate button

The deactivated users will be listed at the bottom of the page when you have the filter set to staff.

You can hide or show the deactivated users by selecting the Show/hide button.



 Reactivate a user 

Select the user from the deactivated list and update their personal information and access level if required. 

Select the Save and reactivate button.


Adding a staff member to an existing user. (Linking)

Select the user you wish to edit. 


Select yes for Is a staff member

You will then be asked to choose an existing staff member or create a new staff member. 

In this case select Yes choose

If you are part of a multi site business you will be asked to select a location. 


You will see the select staff member list. 


Select the staff member you wish to link to the user you have been editing. 

This will populate the details of this staff member into the staff settings fields. 

You can now select Save. 











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