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Vouchers sale and redeem


You can sell vouchers to customers just the same as you would sell a product. 

Sell vouchers

To sell to a casual customer create a new walk in sale. 

Select the Add voucher button

Enter in the amount the voucher is for.

Select the apply button.

Select the Take payment button and process the sale as normal. 

Select the payment options and select the Complete payment button.


To sell a voucher as part of an appointment 

Select the Complete sale button.

Select Add voucher button.

Enter amount of voucher as above.

Select the Take payment button.

Select the Complete payment button.


To redeem vouchers 

When your client wants to redeem the voucher.

Select the Complete sale button on the left.


Select the Take payment button.

Select vouchers from the payment type list.

Select the Complete payment button.




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