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Setting Targets


Setting up targets

Determine what your business and your team individual targets are.

1. Select the Set targets for business button. 

2. You can set weekly targets, monthly targets or both.  Select the box to view the targets available. 



3. Enter the targets you want to track and select Save button. 


4. Choose if you will track targets including or excluding GST.

5. Each target has a tool tip that will tell you what that target includes when you hover your mouse over the .

for example.



Select when your week starts

1. Select the Change link 


2. Select the day of the week your week starts this is when your targets will start being measured. 



Set staff targets

3. Select staff person from the list. 



4. Select Set Targets for staff name Button. 


5. Enter the individual weekly/monthly targets and how you want to credit sales for that staff person. i.e. who did the work or the designated sales person. 


6. Select Save.




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