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Online booking Appointment times

Online Bookings Appointment times

We’ve made it so your opening hours will automatically feed onto your Online Booking site. To set the times, if you haven’t already done so, go to Business details in the Settings tab. 

Ensure you have the Accept Online Bookings set to On.


Check that the hours you want customers to be able to book appointments Online are correct. You can change these here if required.

Select Save.

Ensure your business address is correct

Your business address is visible to your clients on your Online Booking website, so make sure it's updated and correct. Set your address in the Business Details section, under the Settings tab. 

Staff and service availability 

Choose whether your staff are available in Online Booking using the Available in Online Booking (yes/no) button.



Choose whether your services are available in Online Booking in the Products and Services tab.

Remember to check your settings for Staff Capabilities.



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    Do you have an option of availability to be invisible and only after client choose time and the date it will let them know if it's available?