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You can create and send email campaigns from anywhere using Baxus and MailChimp

When you use the powerful filters in Baxus to segment your customers you can target your campaigns to the right people.  

Using MailChimp, the worlds leading campaign email software gives you the best of breed capability.

This includes:

  • best email template editor
  • best email analytic reporting e.g. open rate percentage
  • emails look good on mobiles
  • anti-spam features. i.e. your emails will get delivered and not be treated as spam
  • unsubscribe functionality
  • see details of your sent and upcoming campaigns in Baxus - click through to MailChimp for advanced 


Setting up an email campaign

Make sure you have your MailChimp account set up. You will need your MailChimp username and password.

It is helpful if you have templates with your design images set up in MailChimp at this stage. You can add wording etc during the set up stage. 

 For MailChimp Support select the help link in MailChimp.    

Once you have created your templates go to Baxus and complete the following steps. 

First time only

Select the Marketing tab.

Select Link my MailChimp account.

 Enter your MailChimp username and password. 


This has now linked your baxus account with your MailChimp account.

Note: You only need to link once. baxus will remember the details for you. 

You will now see any campaigns you may have set up in the Marketing tab in date order in Baxus.


To create a new campaign

  1. Select the red Create a campaign button.

  2. Use the client filter to choose who you're sending your campaign to


    • It may take a few minutes for the list to create
    • Only customers who have Send promotions set to yes will be included in this list
    • Customers can unsubscribe from the MailChimp campaign if they wish. However, this will not change the settings in Baxus

  3. baxus will display the number of clients on your list who match your filter, have a valid email address and have agreed to accept marketing messages.

  4. Enter the details for the Campaign name, Email subject line, From name and From email details.


  5. Click Continue to send the list to MailChimp so you can finish creating your campaign.

  6. A pop-up will appear to confirm baxus is sending the list to MailChimp. Select the Proceed to MailChimp button.




Sending your campaign with MailChimp

When you go to MailChimp you will be taken to the Template step in creating a campaign. 


From here you can follow the steps to select a template, design your content and send your email.

To complete your campaign follow this MailChimp guide from step 9: How to create an email campaign with MailChimp


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