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Add photos to a client card

You can record before, after and progress photos to the Client Card. You can take a photo of a consent form and store it on the Client Card. You can also store any photos that the customer shows you of things they like. 

You can also have a profile picture for your customers so you will always recognise them when they come in.

When you look at Client History you will be able to see the photo associated with the notes for appointments. This will make the notes a more useful part of the everyday process. 

To add a photo

Locate your customer in the Clients tab.

Select the Photos tab.

Select the Choose a file link. 

Locate the picture you want from the photos on your system.

Select Open

Note: A range of common photo formats (jpg,png etc) are supported.

The photo is saved against the customer record and you can now see the customer photos in the Client history.

You can add as many photos as you need.


Add Comments to the Photo

To add comments to the photo select the photo. 

Select the Add notes button.

Enter the comments in the pop up box and select the Save button.

The comments will show at the bottom of the photo.


View comments and delete photos

In the History tab you will now see the photo against the appointment. 

To read any comments in the photo, select the photo and the comments will be at the bottom of the page.

You can delete the photo using the red trash can. 

To exit the Gallery view select the black cross. 


Add a Profile photo

You can add a profile photo for a customer.

Select the Set profile photo button on the top right hand side.


Select a photo from the existing or choose another file.

Select the photo you require and select the use selected button. 

You can change this profile picture at any time by going to the profile photo and when you hover over the photo you can select Update profile photo. 

The pop up box will appear and you can choose an existing photo or add a new photo. 

Adding a document.

If you need to store documents against a customer you can take a photo of the document and add it to the client card as in the instructions above.


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