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Managing stock

Once you have your products entered into Baxus you can check on product performance, edit category or delete the product, search by name or barcode and sort by filter. 

To select multiple products you can use the check box on the left hand side. You can select all or none or if you want to check the individual item use the checkbox on the left of the product.


If you wish to edit the category of a product select the Edit button and the Category option from the list. 

Select the category you wish to change the product to.

Save the changes.

You can delete the product by selecting it and using the delete button.

You can filter products using the Filter products button.

Select the Name drop arrow and select from the list. 

Depending on the Name you select the criteria will change accordingly. Select the options that you require. You can add another filter if you require.

When all your criteria is entered select the Apply Filter button. 

To edit product details select the yellow pencil icon on the left of the product.

The product details screen will appear. 

You can change any details you need to here. 

Select the red Save button to save your changes.








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