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Set up text and email appointment reminders

Did you know that automatic text reminders ensure 98% of your clients remember to show up for their appointment. Once you have set this up Baxus will take care of reminding your customers of their appointments for you.

You can set up these reminders by using the default setting you entered in your business details or you can customise it for each client.

Business default setting

To set up the default setting for your business go to the Settings tab under Business details and scroll down the page to the Appointments section. 

You can select from the options using the drop down arrow.


To save your option select the red Save button at the bottom of the page.

You can change this option at any time.

In the example above, all reminders will go to the customers who have given you their email address. If you do not have their email address entered in their client card they will not get a reminder.

Customise reminder options by client

You can set this up when you create a new client or, if they exist, go to the Clients tab and search for the client.

Select Details scroll down to the Appointment reminder field.

Go to the Appointment reminder method and select the required option from the drop down list.


Note: The red text shows in whatever reminder option you have chosen until you enter in the details. In this example because we selected Text message (SMS) the red notes show in the Mobile number field. 

Note: If the 'no preference'  is selected the business default setting will be used.

Depending on the option you have selected you now need to enter either a valid email address or cell phone number.

Select the Save button.

You can identify which clients have received a reminder and which ones need a follow up call. Just look for the little clock icon in the top right of the appointment.

If the icon is grey, a reminder is set to be sent to your client at 11.00am the day before their appointment and if the icon is green the message has been sent. If there is no icon, no reminder has been set up and you might want to give the customer a call.

Please note: Email reminders are free to send, but charges may apply for text messages, please refer to your invoice to find your text message fee.

The SMS reminder message will say:

“Hi (name) you’re booked in

at (business name) (Tuesday 3

May at 10:00 am.)

Please call

(business phone) if you

need to reschedule.”


Text reminders are supported in the following countries

  • Australia
  • NZ
  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada



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