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Payment received report

With the ability to trace every individual payment by time, amount, payment method, client and staff member, this report makes it easy to reconcile your cash and card payments over any date range - perfect for your end-of-day reconciliation!

It is easy to see the payments you have received for the day or for the time period you specify.

Go to the Reports tab and select the Payments Received report.

This will default to today's date and show transactions for today. 

This report lists payments by the payment type. In this example there is three cash payments and the rest are all card transactions. 

You can also run this report for a longer time period. To do this select the drop down arrow by the date. 

Select from the list the Date range you would like the report to show.


You can also select the dates you require using the calendar. To bring up the calendar select the From: and/or the To: box. The calendar will appear and you can select the date required.


Once you have selected the required time period select the Update report button.

 The report will now show the payments by Date, Customer, Sales person and the amount for the date range you selected.

You can export the report to an Excel spreadsheet or Print by selecting the buttons on the top right hand side.






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