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Export a client list

In baxus you can export your client details to an Excel spreadsheet. This is particularly useful for marketing as you can easily upload your list to an email provider, such as Mailchimp or use the data to create a mail out.

To export a client list, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Clients tab

There are three options

  • Booked in – see your appointment list for the day, by business or individual staff member
  • Search – search for clients, view and update client cards
  • Client lists – download your client list or use the filters to create a custom list

Select the Client Lists button

search_client_1_.PNG2. If you would like to download a specific segment of your clients - i.e. clients who have not had a past appointment in the last 6 months, select the create a list button.

3. To filter your clients use the dropdown menus to select the group you are after. You can add more filters by selecting the add another filter button


4. Select generate client list and your list of clients will be displayed on the page

5. To export your filtered clients, select the Download this list button to generate an excel spreadsheet.









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    how do I create a batch email client list

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    Application Support

    You can't create a batch list in Baxus, however, you can download the list to a CSV file that you can use as a client list or you can use MailChimp under the marketing tab if you want to mail these clients.