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Staff rosters

You can now manage staff rosters in baxus!

You can easily set staff as not working and change their hours from the new staff rosters setting page.


 Changing staff hours

Use the roster feature for when your business hours change such as around public holidays, when staff are working outside their normal hours, when they take a holiday or sick leave.

To change a staff member’s hours for a particular day:

  1. Select the month from the top drop down menu
  2. Click on the person and the day you want to change
  3. In the pop up box select the Working or Not working button as required.
  4. Select their new start and finish times from the drop down menus
  5. Click Save


Their new hours appear in the roster and appointment book.

Note: When you set a staff member as not working, they are removed from the appointment book for that day.

Existing appointments for staff no longer working

Existing appointments booked for times when a staff member is no longer working will still appear in the appointment book, in the greyed out area of the column so you can move them to an available time slot.


If you move the appointment, the not working staff members column will be removed from the appointment book after you refresh the page.

Normal working hours

Normal working hours are still managed in the staff profile.


However, changing normal working hours does not reset any changes you have made to the roster.

For example, if Kelsey’s hours are changed in the roster so she works late on a particular Tuesday, but then her normal hours are changed so she doesn’t work Tuesdays at all, she will still show as working late on the Tuesday you changed in the roster.





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