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View or delete invoices in the Sales tab

To view or delete your invoices,  including invoices for walk-in retail sales, go to the Sales Tab in the top toolbar.

This will show the invoices from today.



View invoices

To see invoices from the date you require, click the drop-down box. You can select the three top options or choose a date from the date picker.


To view the invoice, select the Invoice #  from the list. This will provide you with a pop up showing the detail of the invoice. 


You can either Delete or Close the pop up using the buttons on the screen. 

Delete invoices

To delete an invoice:

  1. Select the invoice number to open it
  2. Click the Delete button
  3. Confirm you want to delete the invoice


This will remove the sale from your reports, update your stock levels for any retail products sold on the invoice and allow the appointment sale to be completed again, if required.

Change invoices

If you want to make changes to an invoice, for instance, if you selected the wrong payment type:

  1. Delete the invoice
  2. Go back to the appointment and make the changes you need
  3. Complete the sale again
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