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Adding payment types

You can specify and track all the different types of payments you accept. You can do this by going to the Settings tab and selecting Sales


Select payment types and enter in the Name of payment type eg. Visa, MasterCard, Direct Credit you require. (this is what will appear on the receipt). 


Select the Save button. 

The payment types you add will appear in your payment screen when you make a sale. They'll also appear in your Payments Received report.

Changing and deleting payment types

To edit or delete a payment type you’ve created, click the payment type name. You’ll then have the option to edit or delete the payment type.

Changes will appear in your sales screen and reports. Deleted payment types will still appear in payment reports for the time periods in which they were used.

Default payment type

Choose which payment type should appear at the top of your payment options on your sale screen using the selector on the right hand side of your list of payment types.



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