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Turn on appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows by reminding your clients about their upcoming appointments.

To turn on appointment reminders go to the settings tab and select Appt reminders

The Enable appointment reminder messages button is already set to Yes you can change this to No if you do not wish to send reminder messages. 

In the Message timing section select from the drop down lists the Day to send and the Time to send.


You can change the subject line and email content. 

You can also insert the Clients first name, the Appointment date and time and the Appointment staff using the Insert links. 




Alternatively you can send text messages depending on your clients preference. You can change the content to suit your business. 

Make sure you have set up your clients contact preference and turned on the Send marketing messages in your clients details. 

When you have your message set up you can use the send test message to your email or text account to check it looks like you want it. 

Once you have it ready select How to send option from the drop down list. and select the Save button. 






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    I'd like to know if a client can return a reply via text? or does it always go to email? cant it just go to the appointment and we know its confirmed?