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Taking Online Booking Deposits

How it works

1) Setup: Set the deposit amount needed to book an appointment online. This can be a percentage of the service cost (e.g. 20%), a set amount (e.g. $20) or the full cost of the service. Then set your cancellation policy so that your clients know what happens to the deposit if the client cancels.

2) Client Booking: When your clients make an appointment via Online Booking they’ll be asked to pay a deposit with their credit card or PayPal account to secure their booking.

Note:  Online Booking cancel and reschedule is turned off for any Online Bookings that have a deposit.

3) At your business: When the client finishes their appointment and comes to pay, they only need to pay you the remaining balance.

4) Cancellations & no-shows: If your client cancels or no shows you have the option to keep or refund their deposit, depending on your preference.

 To set deposits up

1) Connect to a PayPal account
2) Choose how much you want your clients to pay (full payment or deposit)
3) Your clients must pay before completing their Online Booking

If you do not have a PayPal account select the Create a PayPal account button to do this.
If you already have a PayPal account the use the Connect your PayPal account link.


When you select a Create a PayPal account button you will do to the PayPal site.

Select Sign Up button on top right of screen. 


Once you are connected to PayPal you will be able to edit your Settings for Online Booking deposits.




Refund a payment

If you need to refund the Online Booking deposit this can easily be completed.

Select the refund link.

Confirm the refund


You will now see that the deposit has been refunded. 


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